Our list of social networking websites for business allows you to connect and engage with business oriented individuals like yourself. If you know of a business social media website and it is not listed here, please let us know!

MyWikiBiz is a directory where you can author your legacy on the Internet. We think you are notable, even if Wikipedia has rejected an article about you or your enterprise as being “non-notable”. With MyWikiBiz, you create a beautiful, reader-friendly page that will get picked up by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search engines.

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Be found in the most useful search engines on the internet – Create and manage your own web site – Expand your network to increase profits – Locate and research businesses quickly – Register and rate businesses – Share your network with friends and family

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BiggerPockets is the premier social network for real estate professionals, investors, and consumers, with a focus on shared knowledge, networking, deal making, and marketing.

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Facebook Pages allows any business, organization or cause to create a presence to engage customers and let them engage with each other. It takes only 5 simple steps to create a Facebook page, start a conversation with fans, and drive customer awareness.

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bizSugar is a social news site for small businesses and mid-sized companies. Business owners, managers and entrepreneurs can now discover, share and vote for the best business tips, trends, news and strategies on the Web.

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