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3 Responses to BloggerArena – Article & Blogging Social Network

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  2. blvjsemmh says:

    BloggerArena – Article +ACY- Blogging Social Network – Social Media Websites
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  3. Marygrace says:

    In need of health care? How about rehab in a nursing home? Do you need a nursing home for care or possibly assisted living?

    Before you choose a rehab/nursing home for you or your loved ones – contact me – I am in a nursing home for rehab – and I am been abused terribly, suffered fractured bones, violated, ignored, improper care, dehydrated, malnourished, denied cancer/chemo meds/doctors – some of the things are sickening – but if you want to know more – contact me -

    [email protected]

    I was smart – I kept a diary – you would never believe it. We live in a sick world – and as we age it gets worse for us.

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